My hair is quite long, almost till my waist, and straight. Well, they are naturally curly and I got them temporarily straightened. I oil my hair regularly and use The Body Shop Olive Glossing Shampoo, but I like to keep on switching conditioners. I tried the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Damage Care Repairing Conditioner (Damage Care, because I got a chemical process done on my hair for the straightening) and my friends couldn't stop raving about how great the Elvive conditioner is.

It comes in a yolk-yellow bottle and says to 'fill in cracks, seals the cuticles, helps repair hair, silky feel' for the 'damaged or brittle hair'. Well, it certainly did lie. After the very first use, my hair began to fall into clumps. I was horrified at how much hair I lost, and was scared that I'd go bald. It didn't give a 'silky feel' rather just a washed-feel. I like conditioners which give a super light feel to the hair, but this gave a heavy ten-ton-load to my hair. I dislike the barely-there smell. A conditioner should always smell good, something light, floral or fruity. Yes, it did put on some shine, but I wasn't satisfied. I am not using this anymore. I would rate the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Damage Care Conditioner a 1/5.

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