Twilight Beauty?! I didn't know this existed! and a perfume "Immortal Twilight" that smells like Mrs. Cullen is supposed to smell to Mr. Cullen himself, and all the other vampires who lust Bella's smell. It contains notes of cool citrus, wild chamomile, white freesia and peony with a touch of patchouli, cool amber and musk. So it must be a sweet, soft, floral and elegant scent. You can head over to the website to check out more products for the face, eyes, lips and nails, and some cute kits on the names of characters. I adore the "Bella Birthday Set"! "Immortal Twilight" is available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, and retailed at $35 at twilightbeauty.com. Check out the Breaking Dawn Movie Posters as well! [via] 

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Rakhshan said... Monday, 07 November, 2011

this is so cool:) wish we could get it here!!would love to try out bella's scent
thanks for sharing :) x

Rafia said... Tuesday, 08 November, 2011

this is gonnabe SUPER HIT