Kendall Jenner strips to Moschino underwear

Her sister Kendall Jenner's famous sexy Instagram snap wearing Calvin Klein undies paved her way to become a Calvin Klein model, and Kylie Jenner seems to be taking inspiration from that snap.

The 18 year old recently posted a picture on her social media account Instagram, lounging on her sofa, feigning sleep, while showing off her famous curves, dressed in a black pair of Moschino underpants.

She pairs her style with black socks and a black sweater, but one can't take eyes off her toned legs and shapely curves.

Kylie recently has come between family drama as her step-brother Rob Kardashian has begun a relationship with Blac Chyna,, who is her current beau Tyga's former fiancé, and things have always been sour between Kyle and Blac.

Is Kylie aiming for a Moschino campaign? Or just proving that she can do anything that Kendall can?

Kendall's Instagram snap that made her a Calvin Klein model

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