If you want to be a fashion icon, then going to the casino is the best place to do so. With Johnny Depp being one of the biggest modern day fashion icons in the world, because of his style of being effortlessly cool with a part grunge-part bohemian look to consider, you can be sure that you will have what it takes to be a fashion icon in a casino. While there is generally a dress code depending on the casino you are looking to go to, you can create your own personal style that will really help you to stand out through a number of ways. Here, we can help you learn how to be a fashion icon when you hit the casino.

Standing Out
One of the main things that you need to be a fashion icon is to stand out. If you look the same as everybody else, then you’re not going to end up being the icon that you desire. However, you may find that by standing out, you may get a few funny looks – but this is perfectly normal. The likes of Prince would not have become icons if they hadn’t stood out from the crowd, and if Cara Delevigne didn’t have her incredible eyebrows and boyish looks, then she probably wouldn’t be the icon she is now either. Standing out is important, and while you have to be careful that you’re not being too outrageous (see the assless pants of Prince) when you’re heading to a luxurious, upmarket casino that expects black tie dress, being that little bit different will put you one step ahead of everybody when it comes to being a fashion icon at the casino.

Stylish Attire
One thing that you will expect to find at the casino, is a dress-code. Not all places are necessarily black-tie, but you will find that smart dress is an important part of being at a casino. Stylish attire is important if you’re looking to be a fashion icon, and whether you’re looking to add this as a part of your poker face game, along with your poker alias determined by a poker name generator, you will find that this really does work wonders. Stylish attire is important, and you will find that it really will help your game at the casino too, as well as allowing you to be a fashion icon.

One of the biggest things that people forget when it comes to being a fashion icon, is confidence and posture. Putting the spotlight on you in the room, through confidence and by standing up tall is the first step to becoming a fashion icon. On top of this, having a great outfit that you can use to help with your dream of becoming a fashion icon. Whether you’re sporting different glasses to normal, or you’re simply looking to have a unique style and are distinctly dressed, then you have a great chance of being a fashion icon exactly where you want to be.

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