Herbalife Nutrition’s Global Network Of Health-Promoting Products

Herbalife Nutrition is a global leader in providing weight loss programs and other products oriented towards improving health. The company's original product, a meal replacement shake, remains central to its program, but Herbalife Nutrition now has an expanded range.

Customers can also choose from teas, snack bars, aloe drinks, and other health-promoting products. Herbalife Nutrition also offers a variety of products that support physical activity, which is the other pillar of losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Along with being a provider of health products, Herbalife Nutrition offers aspiring entrepreneurs in 94 countries the ability to run their own business.

Mark Hughes founded Herbalife Nutrition in 1980 with direct, person-to-person marketing, and the company still operates using this model. Herbalife's Nutrition program is designed to offer customers a range of options for their particular needs, and its network of Independent Distributors provides customers with personalized guidance. The overall goals of the company are to promote a healthier lifestyle and support the weight loss goals of customers with products formulated with natural ingredients and that follow scientifically rigorous standards.

The Herbalife Nutrition program facilitates weight loss when customers replace two meals a day, such as breakfast and lunch, with the high-protein shake. These high-nutrition shakes come in several flavors and offer customers a fantastic alternative to an unhealthy, high-calorie meal that can derail their health goals. Herbalife Nutrition also offers protein bars and other products that can be healthy snacks. The dinner meal could then be consumed as usual and would ideally be a healthy meal with plenty of healthy protein. For customers who reached their weight goals and now want to maintain it are encouraged to achieve longterm results by replacing a single meal.

The purpose of Herbalife Nutrition products is not only for customers to eat fewer calories for the day. They also receive high-quality nutrition and metabolism-properties that stimulate weight loss, especially in Herbalife Nutrition's supplements. The shakes are formulated with proteins from soy and dairy that contribute the building blocks for a healthy diet, including amino acids, vitamins, and essential minerals.

Herbalife Nutrition supplements have powerful natural ingredients, including botanical extracts from ginger, tea, and other herbs. Several of the products also have a specific purpose, including the Cell-U-Loss, which reduces water retention and the Aminogen supplement, which optimizes the body for digesting protein.

When Mark Hughes formulated the meal replacement shake and founded Herbalife Nutrition in 1980, his motivation was witnessing his mother struggle with losing weight. Her premature death due to causes related to her efforts to lose weight caused Hughes to look for a weight-loss tool that would be healthy and effective. He began selling the meal replacement shakes himself out of the trunk of his car.

Its popularity led to quickly expanding both Herbalife Nutrition's customer base and the line of products. Instead of distributing the products in stores, Hughes began training a network of entrepreneurs that eventually became global. By educating distributors to have an in-depth understanding of product features and benefits, the company ensures that customers have a personalized level of support as they pursue specific health goals.

Independent Distributors gain access to discounted prices for Herbalife Nutrition products and then sell the products using their networks in the community while generating a profit for themselves. Herbalife Nutrition has customers in 94 countries, who are served by over 3 million Independent Distributors. The company's 8,000 employees are also global, although its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.
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