L'Essence Balenciaga Paris

L’Essence is the new eau de parfum by Balenciaga. It contains all the essential elements of Balenciaga Paris, the iconic fragrance which reconnected with the couture spirit of the fashion house. L’Essence by Balenciaga is similar, concentrated, but different, emphatically different…L’Essence says it all. It is in the same faceted bottle with simultaneously sharp and soft ribbing. It has a reflective, raw effect, as pure as a sharp-edged jewel, like those dark, sensual necklaces made of haematite, a semi-precious stone from the mists of time, slightly poisonous and highly magnetic.

L’Esssence is impulsive. L’Essence is unambiguous. On the skin, L’Essence is as pure as the searing honesty of short-lived flowers. Violet leaves are like a blast of woodland and their youthful energy stimulates the skin. Violet leaves are unfailingly honest and offer up their exquisite coarseness. Vetiver also takes the upper hand, wild, unruly and incisive… L’Essence engages and dazzles with its modulations. And the secret of the forest asserts itself… L’Essence, is also reminiscent of the mossy scent given off by forests at certain times of day, which emphasises the accent of conifers. It is like the fragrance of leather, but it expresses the intrinsic nobility of the organic world.

Disclaimer: This is a PR publicity post and does not feature my opinions or thoughts necessarily.
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