Dry Body Brushing

For extra clean, soft, and supple skin, dry body brushing is an effective technique. It hardly takes five minutes to dry brush your body, and it helps slough off dead skin cells and other forms of surface dirt off your skin.

Every day before getting into the shower, dry brushing your body breaks down the toxins trapped in your skin and fat cells. It also helps in the fight against cellulite, and makes the skin feel smooth and invigorated.

 If your body and skin feel sore after dry body brushing, you are probably brushing too hard. Use gentle strokes all over but firmer strokes on the areas affected by cellulite such as the hips and thighs.

Always use a natural-bristled brush and make long sweeps and strokes in the movement of the heart. Start by sweeping off the soles which usually have the dullest skin on the body. Then move on upwards towards the knees.

Remember to keep using circular motions on the hips and thighs. Be gentle over the stomach and breast area. To reach down to your back, use a brush with a long handle that will provide longer strokes.

Brushes for dry body brushing are available at many health and beauty stores. The best ones are available at The Body Shop including The Round Body Brush and The Cactus Brush.

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