H&M Party Essentials Holiday Lookbook 2012

If mix and match is your style then the latest Holiday Essentials from H&M are definitely your bling. Pop up your wardrobe with stylish and fashion forward pieces in black with a touch of festive red. Easy and smart, these no fuss designs will look good on all occasions, and with the right pairing, you are on the go for the holiday's most stylish fashionista. Cropped tops, lace cut dresses, jeans, peplum skirts, fitted jerseys, mesh and velvet are some of the highlights of the collection, and with glittery thread yarn sweaters, low rise jeans, and organza skirts, this collection is the perfect party popper. As always the Swedish label continues to enthral with the accessories as well; high heels with metal toe caps and envelope clutches are yet another reason to not miss out this chic collection.

Images: H&M
H&M Party Essentials Holiday Lookbook 2012 Reviewed by Minza on 10:20 AM Rating: 5

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Genie said...

I seriously love it when H&M comes out with their new lines every season, I always get inspired to remix my own wardrobe in eclectic ways. I really think that the first pic is my favorite with the different textures playing into the look.


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