This year’s most on-trend women and how to get their look

Having individual style is important, but sometimes, we all need style inspiration. Out of all the female celebrities making headlines in 2018, who has the most style authority and how can you emulate their near flawless looks?

For inspiration, browse these iconic women of 2018 and find out how you can replicate their most famous outfits.

Style and appearance have always played a large part of the Rihanna celebrity status. The star’s ability to predict and pioneer styles, no matter how revolutionary, has propelled her to the highest echelons of celebrity fashion, which makes her one of the world’s top style icons to emulate for women around the world.

Rihanna got her big break in 2005, and since then, we have seen a spectrum of amazing outfits. Reflecting on Rihanna’s early style, many of her outfits gave the impression of a young, confident, sweet girl — think strappy dresses, rara skirts, crop tops, and boyfriend jeans. Within a few years, Rihanna edged her style to a more rebellious side, designed to enhance her ‘bad girl’ status. During this period, we saw bralettes paired with hot pants, and who could forget the revealing double denim, skirt-and-jacket outfit made famous by Rihanna’s dismissal of a tee or vest?

Following this phase, RiRi switched up her style once more. Merging her edgy façade with hints of high-fashion, we soon saw the unforgettable naked dress of 2014. Made of nothing but Swarovski crystals and fishnet fabric, the design of this iconic gown was overtly high fashion.

Since then, Rihanna has gone from strength to strength. Her fashion line, FENTY PUMA, is forcing back the boundaries of standard sports styles and taking athleisure into uncharted territory, creating a high-fashion offshoot of feminine sportswear.

Getting the Rihanna look
Multiple colours and varieties of fabric are crucial to the Rihanna style. Over the years, we’ve seen her in everything from feather-embellished bejewelled bikinis to silk emerald tracksuits. To replicate it, you need to embody her confidence and sense of adventure.

Put tracksuit bottoms with super high heels or go for denim playsuits and jumpsuits with plenty of accessories. Then, dress for the evening in something feminine, but outlandish — like the lilac tulle mini dress she wore to Fenty Beauty’s launch party. Rihanna loves wearing shirts and coats that hang off her shoulders, putting a fresh twist on the cold-shoulder fashion movement. So, incorporate strapless tops and bralettes into your look to ooze the same level of seductive sophistication.

Meghan Markle
With the royal wedding looming, Markle is under intense scrutiny when it comes to fashion. Young, stylish and confident, Markle has long been a style icon for women across the world. However, possibly the most interesting aspect of her outfit choices is how they’ve transformed.

Heels with bandeau dresses and short skirts with low v-necks were typically seen on Markle in her Suits days. In 2018, she’s pushed these to the back of the wardrobe in favour of long, belted coats and simple ankle boots to achieve a casual-chic vibe.

Now, Markle has almost a sophisticated, British air to her outfits. Gone are the graphic tees and straight leg jeans and in their places are tailored blouses and laced midi dresses that evoke a sense of royal-appropriate sophistication. Then again, when she attended the Invictus Games with Prince Harry, she chose to wear simple jeans with a plain shirt, perhaps showing the world that she can still incorporate dressed-down looks despite her impending title.
Getting the Meghan Markle look
Meghan Markle’s look isn’t about being prim and proper. Although her style has certainly matured and reined itself in to a degree, there are still bursts of chic provocation. Her braless, gold-embroidered tulle and silk gown that she wore for her engagement portraits is just one example of her ability to infuse formal events with contemporary fashion.

As we mentioned, don’t stick with safe and sophisticated — make things interesting. Team shirt-dresses with low heels, off-the-shoulder tops with plain skinny jeans and flats, and low-cut blouses with cigarette trousers and a tailored blazer.

Margot Robbie
After an Oscar nomination and a series of successful films, Australian actress, Margot Robbie, is one to watch in every sense of the word. In just two years, Robbie went from Neighbours cast member to global film star, throwing her talent, character and style into the world’s harshest spotlight.

Robbie is the queen of transformations, taking you from a laid-back, daytime vibe to a chic Hollywood dress effortlessly. This means emulating her style opens a world of possibilities.

Many of her outfit choices have hit the headlines for all the right reasons. Remember the plunging, gold dress she wore this year to the LA premier of I, Tonya, compared to the long-sleeve, crew neck frock she donned for the Wolf Of Wall Street premiere in 2015? This highlights a growth in sartorial confidence, and possibly, industry acceptance.

Robbie is a girly-girl in her dress sense, yet, she can rock an edgier style when the occasion calls. From sultry lace jumpsuits and conservative high-neck gowns, to girly polka dot dresses and sophisticated belted tapered trousers; the essence of Robbie’s style poses the idea that each occasion has a dress code, and it is up to the individual to infuse it with their preferred style.

Getting the Margot Robbie look
Robbie is very good at sensing and dressing for an event. Sneakers, logo tees and denims give off her signature, laid-back, Aussie-girl vibe when the occasion is low-key, while plain playsuits, kimonos, sandals, and asymmetric skirts reign supreme during dressed-up day events.

A fan of flower prints and unfitted outlines, loose dresses, culotte jumpsuits and floral gowns should make an appearance in your wardrobe to get the Margot Robbie look. In the evening, Robbie tends to stay true to the accepted standards of glamorous fashion. Ensure you don’t show both legs and arms at the same time and select garments featuring intricate embroidery, classic embellishments or eye-catching metallic finishes.

Get the style-queen look throughout 2018!


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