Five Steps to Ariana Grande's High Ponytail Look

Five Steps to Ariana Grande's High Ponytail Look

Ariana Grande is the Queen of the high-top ponytail and it is her signature look, and the songstress is rarely ever seen without it!

The young pop star wears her high ponytail with quite some variations, sleek hair or wavy, sometimes half-up half-down, but the ponytail remains secure in the edgy high style.

Creating Ariana Grande's signature hairdo is no Herculean task, and can be done is just five easy steps, making your hairdo perfect for parties or prom, or even just a fun day about town.

Step #1

Blow-drying is the first essential step to get a perfect high ponytail! Blow-dry your roots in the direction that you want your ponytail's base to be in, using a bit of heat and a good brush, redirecting your hair to the roots.

Step #2

Secure your redirected hair into a half-ponytail, smoothing out the top half as you go, and fastening it with a small hair-tie where you want the base of the ponytail to be. Using a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray gets rid of any fly-aways, giving a smooth look.

Step #3

Once you have made the half-ponytail, gather the rest of the hair, smoothing it too as you go and combine it with the top half. Getting the hair to stay slick and smooth may feel tricky, so water or a light setting gel can help you tame you hair.

Step #4

After gathering both the top and bottom halves together, secure them using a good hair tie, preferably a bungee elastic as it does not let the ponytail sway and come undone, or any strong hair tie.

Step #5

A bonus step is that you can twirl a long strand of hair and tie it around the elastic to conceal it, which will also make your high-ponytail look chicer and more stylish. Another trick is to apply a little gel around the twisted strand so even it stays sleek and smooth.

And you are ready to rock Ariana Grande's signature high-ponytail!
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