Here's How You Stay Chic This Season!

The spring has bid a fond adieu for the year and summer is just around the corner. It’s now time to wave goodbye to the tights and pick up something that’s cozy and comfortable. As much as you hate the mercury soaring outside, there is no denying the fact that the wardrobe brings up some rather interesting options for this season. You can pick up the breeziest fabrics and the coolest hats and turn out absolutely bang on trend for this season. The only style tricks that you need to keep in mind for this season is that you need to look cool without losing your sizzle. Looking chic is never easier than in the summers and here are the top eight ideas on how to achieve that.

Hoard up on stylish hats
Hats shield that pretty head of yours from the harsh UV rays, keep your tresses in control, and gives you an eye-catching style statement. So, that is like ticking off three checkboxes with one simple accessory. You need at least two to three basic hats to pass the season in style. Keep a wide-rimmed one to go with your dresses, a beret for the jeans and tees, and straw hat to channel those beach vibes.

Embrace the whites and pastels
With the heat outside already blazing the eyes, give yourself some respite from the intense colors and pick up pastel hues. It is perfectly fine to go head-to-toe pastel in sherbet hues for the moment. Take some inspiration from the recent shows of Versace and Hermes, and you will understand the power of pastels for this season. You can add some drama in the form of glitter on the sleeves and neckline or bling earrings.

Don’t ditch the denim
The dilemma is understandable: don't want to wear the denim for the heat but don't want to ditch the denim altogether as well. There's good news for you as you do not need to stay away entirely from denim for the season. Incorporate denim in your hats and handbags and look totally chic or you can go for denim patchwork on your tee-shirts and tops. In fact, flared denim pants are also an excellent option for the summers.

Ruffle up your hemline
Frills are not going anywhere for the season, and you can get some ruffle drama added to your hemline. Going overboard like Alexander McQueen dresses or keeping it understated like Giambattista Valli is entirely up to you. Ruffles are eye-catching no matter how you do it as they need up adding a lot of movement to the dress. Since, you are letting the structure of the outfit take center stage, keep the rest of the accessories as subdued as possible.

Shine bright with gold accents
Let the golden rays of the sun be your inspiration and add gold accents to glam up any simple outfits. Go for shining golden metallic accessories to add the luxe factor to your summer cocktail parties or poolside extravaganzas. Gold accents look the best with whites and pastel shades. For instance, you can throw on a lightweight gold jacket over your favorite LWD. But take care not to go gold overall as that will make you look like a Christmas tree rather than fashionable.

Maxi dresses for maximum panache
A maxi dress is hassle-free dressing at its best, and it offers you the simplest way to stay chic for the summers. You can rejoice in the fact that the maxi dress trend is here to stay for quite some time. These flowing, long dresses look fab in tiny floral patterns and equally flattering in bright solid hues. You can dress it down with flat sandals or jazz it up with a pair of high heels. Make this your outfit of choice for both streetwear and brunches.

Jazz up your shorts
Why stick to the simple pair of cotton shorts when you have so many options around to choose from? The shorts have undergone a drastic makeover, and they are one of the wardrobe staples of every girl for the summers. At the simplest, you can pick up the high-waist shorts in linen or rayon fabric. The ruffles that were mentioned before have also made their presence felt on the shorts, and these are the kinds you need to pick up on the days you feel like breaking the conventional mold.

Channel the beach vibes
Given a chance, all you would want to do for the summers is hit the sea and have a relaxing time lounging around. Though the mounting work pressure stops you from doing that, you can bring in a bit of surf feeling in your everyday life by going for the tie and dye prints. Choose the feminine silhouettes in bright colors to look beach-ready this season. You can go for tie and dye in draped dresses or the mini dresses with cinched waists. If you cannot make time for a beach party, you at least deserve to bring the party to your outfit of the day.

These eight looks are approved by fashion gurus of the world as the go-to options for the season. Now, you can always take a bit of their advice and mix in a few of your ideas to put together one stunning look for the day. The aim is to shine brighter than the blazing Sun.

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