How to Use Lasers to Smooth Out Wrinkles

Wrinkles seem to have magical powers. They often appear seemingly out of nowhere. So what do you do when you are suddenly faced with one, or even more than one? For the most minor of wrinkles you might be able to use a topical cream to strengthen your skin. But in most cases you may need the help of skincare professionals. One type of treatment they are likely to recommend is laser treatment. Below is a brief overview of how the laser treatment process works.

Lasers Do Not Remove Wrinkles Immediately 
If you are thinking you can go to a skincare clinic and get a laser treatment to make your wrinkles and sagging skin vanish, you will be disappointed. There are some laser treatments that perform topical treatments and can make the surface of your skin look a bit better fairly quickly. However, most laser treatments designed for skin tightening work by influencing collagen distribution between the cells. Collagen is somewhat like skin cell glue. It keeps one cell close to another.

Some laser treatments can make the collagen that is already in your cells move closer together. The skin cells will be tightened in the process. Other cosmetic lasers are designed more to damage skin cells ever so slightly. By causing just the right amount of damage the body is triggered to send in the repair team. That repair team includes healthy components produced within the body, including more collagen. By bringing existing collagen closer together and encouraging the addition of more, the skin is doubly strengthened.

Is Your Skin Treatable with Lasers? 
Of course, you have to know if your skin can actually be treated with lasers before you schedule a treatment. There are some scenarios that may exclude you from the procedure or make the results less pronounced. For example, it is typically best used if you are between the ages of 30 and 60. Your wrinkles and skin sags also must still fall within the mild to moderate range. Additionally, if your clinician thinks you may be at risk for burns due to excessive skin oil he or she may recommend a different treatment option.

Where on Your Body Lasers Can be Used 
If you are able to have laser treatment you can use it to tighten the skin on almost any part of your body. Although, it is particularly useful for removing jowls, crow's feet, and other skin problems in the neck and face region. However, your clinician may cover your eyes during facial treatment to prevent the laser from damaging your vision accidentally. You can also use lasers to treat any other part of your body where wrinkles have appeared. But you must do so before those wrinkles reach the point where only surgery can reverse them.

Laser Procedure Side Effects to Watch For 
Laser procedures can cause some side effects. However, they are usually temporary and not dangerous at all. For example, your skin may be red for a day or so after treatment. It may also feel warm to the touch. There are some severe side effects of laser treatment, such as burns. However, they only occur when the wrong laser is used on the wrong skin type. As long as you have a trained clinician perform the procedure that will not be an issue. He or she will tell you if there is any conflict between your skin type and the machine being used.
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