How to Choose the Right Undergarments

Undergarments lay the foundation of every garment that you wear, and just like your makeup falls apart if your foundation is not perfect, if the undergarments are not proper the whole outfit seems unflattering and improper.

Many a times women tend to get confused while buying undergarments, and often opt for the sexy and saucy ones rather than looking for the correct one as per their body type.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right undergarments so that your outfit looks and feels perfect, and you are comfortable throughout the day:

1 - Always check your size then opt for undergarments. Your bra and panties size may change and fluctuate due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy, bloating or other issues, and it is advisable to always recheck your size before you purchase any undergarment.

2 - Undergarments should be comfortable with a smooth feel, and not pinch and hurt you. They should feel like second skin and not a burden to wear.

3 - Opt for fabrics and textures that are breathable, soft and suit you. Do not opt for very lacy and silky satiny garments for everyday wear.

 4 - Try around different sizes and find a piece that fits you best. A design in your regular size may not be as comfortable as in another size. Do not be lazy in trying on a couple of different sizes and select the one that fits best.

5 - Do not opt for substandard brands. Looks for brands such as Knix which offers great designs, good value for your money and comfortable, chic and stylish undergarments that you won't have to throw away after a few uses.

6 - When buying undergarments for a particular purpose such as sports or swim or an undergarment that helps you give a better shape, shop from that particular line only. Sports undergarments, shape-wear, daily wear and luxury designs all come under different lines and do not use one set of bra and undies for all purposes.

7 - Also keep in mind that every body type is different, and the bra that looks great on your friend, may not be as great for you.
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