4 must-have makeup trends for 2018

It doesn't matter whether you live in London or New York, when it comes to makeup the same trends are universal. In other words, what works in one city will probably compliment another just fine.
The big problem is discovering what these trends are. Just like with fashion, they change on a regular basis, and you could be wandering down the streets of Covent Garden one minute and seeing an emphasis on one product range, only to see it completely change a month later.

Bearing this in mind, today's article will investigate what some of the biggest makeup trends are and how you can take advantage to fit in with the modern-day female appearance.

Light makeup is replacing heavy contouring
Fora long time, heavy contouring has been big on the scene. In other words, the trends have dictated that women opt for really heavy contours in a bid to catch the eye.

Well, this appears to be changing. Natural is the big word in beauty right now and rather than opting for those sharp contours, experts in the field are suggesting that you should keep things as subtle as possible. Use your highlighter to spark mild bursts of colour, making sure that you keep the natural and glowing theme for your face.

Simplicity is key with liner
The trends up until recently have been promoting almost a rainbow effect around the eye, with some people using as many as five colours to draw attention. Well, this appears to be on the way out for now, with the experts suggesting that you should keep things as simple as possible by just relying on one liner. That's right, much more emphasis is created by using the one product and colour, and allowing people to appreciate how you have transformed your eyes with just a single stroke.

The simplicity extends to the lips
As you may have already gathered through the other suggestions we have mulled over, this next point focusses on even more simplicity. While heavy matte lipsticks might have been a thing for quite a long time now, natural is making its way back. More women are turning to much more subtle lips; taking advantage of tints and stains. The upshot of this is that your lips suddenly look natural and healthy, rather than the synthetic, bold look which has been the norm for so long.

A sprinkle of glitter
All of the trends we have spoken about so far have focussed on the natural-factor. Let's now end proceedings with something which goes against this somewhat; glitter.
Perhaps surprisingly, this is making acomeback. More and more women are turning to glitter for a finishing touch of their makeup. Of course, you've got to make sure you don't go overboard here, and like every suggestion thus far it really does need to be in moderation. However, get it right and your whole makeup can come alive - and that should be your primary aim as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.

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